Welcome to DC4420, aka Defcon London.
.reality [2014 edition] Meetings are the last Tuesday of the month except December... March 25th April 29th May 27th June 24th July 29th August 26th September 30th October 28th November 25th December tbc Talks Format is two normally talks: a primary 1 hour (ish) and a secondary 30 minutes (ish) Talks start at 19:30 but we have the room from about 18:00 to kicking out Tuesday 25th March, 2014: Agenda: +++ 1st Speaker: Tony Naggs Title: Introduction to NFC Synopsis: It's not just another word for RFID. All you need to know about Near Field Communication. +++ 2nd Speaker: Tomasz Miklas Title: Playing tag - the online version Synopsis: A picture says 1000 words, some of them say great stories (and some not). Got an extra short talk to share? Perhaps you'd like to give a brief lead-in to discussion on the demise of the Full Disclosure mailing list? Maybe you went to the 89th IETF meeting earlier this month and have something to share? Email talks@dc4420.org or make yourself known at the beginning of the meeting. +++ Previous talks Venue The Phoenix, Cavendish Square Info/Contact/stuff We've got this handy Google Calendar thing here Twitter : @dc4420, use the tag #dc4420 Facebook: DC4420 IRC: #dc4420 on Freenode Mailing List: Get on the mailing list: here Note: don't set your address to dc4420@ as that won't work.. Linkedin : dc4420 - 440 & growing. you do read the notes there? (no recruiters allowed on unless they've been to the meetings and intro'd themselves to tony and major) Talks: Send your info to talks@dc4420.org