Welcome to DC4420, aka Defcon London.
.reality [2014 edition] Meetings are the last Tuesday of the month except December... July 29th August 26th September 30th October 28th November 25th December tbc Talks Format is two normally talks: a primary 1 hour (ish) and a secondary 30 minutes (ish) Talks start at 19:30 but we have the room from about 18:00 to 23:00 or so. We have two short talks so far for July. We have room for another short (~30min) talk to wrap things up, this can be fun and/or techy! Email proposals to talks@dc4420.org You are welcome to share relevant announcements (events, projects you want help with, ...); make yourself known at the beginning of the meeting, or email talks@dc4420.org +++ (Postponed from June) 1st Speaker: Eireann Leverett Title: Classify 6 Synopsis: I wrote a simple IPv6 address classifier in OCAML, and I learn a lot about the addresses along the way. If you need to classify large amounts of addresses this tool needs a user base and some feedback. I benchmarke d it at 1 Million addresses in under 30 seconds, and 11GB of Addresses in 1 Hr 35 mins. It won't help you hack anything, but it will teach you about the IPv6 addresses, and I could use the advice of the community on progressing it further. +++ 2nd Speaker: Jon Gilbert Title: Introduction to Fast Flux, Double Flux, Zeus and DGA Synopsis: With the recent(ish) media attention on Zeus Gameover there has been some excitement as to the threat and it's potential impact. It became very apparent, when discussing the topic, that a lot of people's experience with malware pretty much stops at installing an AntiVirus. This is a short introductory talk to give an insight on some of the mechanisms currently used to those who aren't familiar with the basics, and hopeful give a talking point to those in the audience that are more specialist in this domain. +++ Previous talks Venue The Phoenix, Cavendish Square Info/Contact/stuff We've got this handy Google Calendar thing here Twitter : @dc4420, use the tag #dc4420 Facebook: DC4420 IRC: #dc4420 on Freenode Mailing List: Get on the mailing list: here Note: don't set your address to dc4420@ as that won't work.. Linkedin : dc4420 - 485 & growing. do you read the notes there? (no recruiters allowed on unless they've been to the meetings and intro'd themselves to tony and major) Talks: Send your info to talks@dc4420.org