First talk

Who the F called me




Module and function name acquisition from a NTAPI sole dependent injected DLL.

Second talk

Visiting Active Warzones Is My Coping Mechanism


Vic Harkness (@VicHarkness) (website)


DC4420 regular Vic Harkness decided to go to Ukraine during the war. 4 times. For some reason. No, she did not know anyone in Ukraine or know the language. Yes, she is aware that she is not smart. Come learn what Vic got up to during her trips, what we can do to aid the people of Ukraine, and her take on the current situation.

Talks wanted

We’re looking for talks for next month, so if you’ve implemented Meltdown on your smartwatch, want to walk us through the highlights of a CTF, or have some insight into upcoming privacy regulations, we’re interested!

Drop a message to with a title, synopsis and rough length, and don’t worry if you haven’t spoken before.