First Talk

The Present & Future of Data Portability in IoT


Sarah Turner, UCL

July Galindo, UCL

of The IoT Team, UCL (@TheIoTteam)


The Present & Future of Data Portability in the Internet of Things (IoT) is a Masters student research project exploring the right to data portability, as granted by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in relation to consumer IoT products. A new right under the GDPR, this project aims to determine the perception of the value of the right to data portability to users of IoT devices, companies that produce IoT devices (or the software/infrastructure that underpins such devices) and the intentions of policy-makers that have involvement with the right. The research project aims to determine the different motivations of these stakeholders, to provide suggestions as to how to best facilitate adoption of the right.

Second Talk

Infosec for Civil Society: An Introduction


Rose Regina Lawrence


Civil Society is a slightly nebulous term covering all those organisations and individuals who aren’t businesses or government and are (hopefully) improving the world. Human rights organisations, journalists, and activists often have specific or heightened needs when it comes to security, both on and off-line, but they share many of the same issues and considerations as small and medium enterprises along with freelancers.

This talk will provide an introduction to some of the challenges specific to the civil society sector and some of the main sector specific resources. The goal of this talk is to provide a window into what infosec looks like for these groups in practice, and to provide helpful information to people from a more corporate background looking to support human rights organisations and charities.

We’re always happy for more talks, so if you’ve implemented Meltdown on your smartwatch, want to walk us through the highlights of a CTF, or have some insight into upcoming privacy regulations, we’re interested!

Drop a message to with a title, synopsis and rough length, and don’t worry if you haven’t spoken before.