First Talk

Feeling a little insecure ATM: An overview of cash machine malware


Vic Harkness (@VicHarkness) (website)


Vic originally embarked upon a lit review of ATM malware with the hopes of writing a blog post. As it turns out, there’s a whole lot happening in the field. From cash machines blowing their loads to a researcher’s office getting firebombed after blogging about a sample, the world of ATM malware is certainly not boring. This talk will provide an overview of the happenings in the world of ATM malware as well as descriptions of the various ATM malware families that can be seen in the wild. It may or may not summarise a paper on the field being written by Vic, depending on if she gets her ass in gear and finishes it or not.

Second Talk

An overview of solutions for email signing and encryption


Ramona Tăme (website)


Although emails are used often to take exchange confidential information, inside and outside an organisation, often email security is limited to phishing and spam filters. This talk will survey available solutions to accomplish email signing and encryption.


We’re always happy for more talks, so if you’ve implemented Meltdown on your smartwatch, want to walk us through the highlights of a CTF, or have some insight into upcoming privacy regulations, we’re interested!

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