First Talk

Hackers gonna hack: Research Conclusions


Helen Thackray, PhD Researcher (@hel_ty)


Over the course of 3 years I have studied hacking communities for my PhD research. Investigating the social psychology present online, such as how being part of a group effects individuals, and the concept of the “hacker” social identity, I will try to explain my finding in answer to the question - what makes someone a hacker? From 4chan to DefCon, surveys and interviews, I have concluded my research, and I’d like to share what I’ve learnt with the community that has helped me so much.

Second Talk

Anti-picking Features of High Security Locks




I’ve spent the last few years messing around with the UK branch of TOOOL, trying to design a lock which is highly resistant to picking. Along my journey, I’ve learnt many things about how lock manufacturers have tried to thwart lockpickers, both good and fruitless, and I hope to provide some insight into an area of security which is rarely covered.

In this talk I’ll cover the basic principles of picking any lock, and the various and varied ways high security locks have attempted to prevent them being abused.

We’re always happy for more talks, so if you’ve implemented Meltdown on your smartwatch, want to walk us through the highlights of a CTF, or have some insight into upcoming privacy regulations, we’re interested!

Drop a message to with a title, synopsis and rough length, and don’t worry if you haven’t spoken before.