Web browsing from a car, what is the worse that can happen?


Ian Tabor (@mintynet),


Car hacking and the discovery of a vulnerability in a In Vehicle Infotainment Unit, showing the process of disclosure to the manufacturer and their response. Also the further work I am doing to see if the vulnerability could be exploited more than just the issues originally found, some tips on how others could ‘hack’ there IVI. In the process of building a car on the bench for other car hacking. There may be a demo of the hack using a similar IVI running outside of the vehicle.

Second Talk

The Darkside of Red-teaming?


Andrew Davies and Jon Medvenics



We’re always happy for more talks, so if you’ve implemented Meltdown on your smartwatch, want to walk us through the highlights of a CTF, or have some insight into upcoming privacy regulations, we’re interested!

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