1st Talk

Intro to Zcash


Jack Gavigan & str4d, Zcash (@JackGavigan & @str4d)


Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) are currently a hot topic in cryptography. The Zcash cryptocurrency is the first large-scale deployment of ZKPs (specifically, zk-SNARKs), which are used to provide strong privacy by preserving the confidentiality of transaction details. Two members of the Zcash team will give an overview of Zcash, and delve into the details of how zk-SNARKs work.

2nd Talk

Hackers gonna hack - follow-up


Helen Thackray, PhD Researcher (@hel_ty)


In February, Helen spoke about the significance of the group processes in trust, decision making and risk with in online hacking communities, and the parallels with the info-sec community. She’s now providing an update on results from this project.

Other short talks?

If you have something relevant or interesting to the audience (not a product pitch) for 10 to 30 minutes please contact the DC4420 crew (Adam, Mark or Tony) on the night.