1st Talk

SHA-3 vs the world


David Wong, @lyon01_david


Since Keccak has been selected as the winner of the SHA-3 competition in 2012, a myriad of different hash functions have been trending. From BLAKE2 to KangarooTwelve we’ll cover what hash functions are out there, what is being used, and what you should use. Extending hash functions, we’ll also discover STROBE, a symmetric protocol framework derived from SHA-3.


David Wong is a Security Consultant at the Cryptography Services practice of NCC Group. He has been part of several publicly funded open source audits such as OpenSSL and Let’s Encrypt. He has conducted research in many domains in cryptography, publishing whitepapers and sharing results at various conferences including DEF CON and ToorCon as well as giving a recurrent cryptography course at Black Hat. He has contributed to standards like TLS 1.3 and the Noise Protocol Framework. He has found vulnerabilities in many systems including CVE-2016-3959 in the Go programming language and a bug in SHA-3’s derived KangarooTwelve reference implementation. Prior to NCC Group, David graduated from the University of Bordeaux with a Masters in Cryptography, and prior to this from the University of Lyon and McMaster University with a Bachelor in Mathematics.

2nd Talk

Building a small supercomputer for fun and (mostly) profit


Yvan Janssens, @friedkiwi


Cryptocurrency mining is currently having a big boom again, and so many people are building GPU rigs that the supply of AMD and nvidia GPUs is running dry. I’m planning to give a short talk about how I build my 50 GPU farm, the challenges I faced and how I’ve overcome them while maintaining structural integrity and fire safety precautions in my flat. I’ll also cover the tiny little hacks I’ve done to be even more frugal, and lower the BOM of each rig to the tiniest amount of possible while minimising risk and maximising profit.