1st Talk

USB-HID, Meterpreter and Why Keyboard Programming Sucks


Mike Westmacott


This is a short story about how to get back into hackery, explaining a path from an old email through (re)-learning USB-HID protocols, the schizophrenic world of Arduino, raging at why keyboard programming is so difficult, and how to not get confused when developing software that requires multiple languages on different platforms, through to a happy demo.

The demo involves removing another brick when tackling locked down, air-gapped environments - and if the demo gods are smiling you should see a meterpreter session running over USB-HID. The talk will also examine what the different strategies for protecting against such attacks.

2nd Talk

Exploring the Infrared World


Dominic Spill (@dominicgs)


There have never been more infrared signals, from the remote control toys and televisions that we all know, to audio distribution systems and unintentional emissions from electronic equipment.

Reusing existing receivers has allowed researchers to decode IR signals in the past. However, that technique lacks the ability to detect arbitrary communication signals without prior knowledge of protocol. This is exactly the type of problem that we solve every day with Software Defined Radio (SDR), so we decided to apply those Digital Signal Processing techniques to Infrared.

Using low cost open source hardware of our own design, we have been able to apply our traditional wireless reverse engineering techniques to infrared signals, giving us the opportunity to sniff and inject. In this second part in a series we will show entirely new infrared systems that we have investigated and demonstrate the ways in which our hardware platform can meddle with them.