1st Talk

FREEMAN - The Perils of Security Abandonware


Andy Settle (@iC3N1)


Everyone loves OllyDBG. For many reasons, including the number and diversity of plug-ins available. Many of the plug-ins are used within both the security research community as well as by some bad people. Some even have vulnerabilities, we know this because we have found one (maybe two-ish). Knowing this allows us to pop-calc, but this not really the story we want to tell. The fact that OllyDBG and some of it’s plug-ins are now ‘abandonware’ serves as an object lesson to us in the security community, and one we need to learn from before pointing and laughing at users who still have macros enabled by default in Microsoft Office.

2nd Talk

Why I’m Better Than H D Moore


Nick Drage (@SonOfSunTzu)


As a testing lab H D Moore tried setting up many machines connected through KVMs, he sensibly gave up and ran everything as virtual machines instead.

I tried harder.

I’ve been geeking and working from home in the same space for over a decade, and for various reasons I’ve persevered with my KVM setup, gradually adding more and more devices and functionality. In that time I’ve learnt a lot about what does and doesn’t work, what to use and what to avoid, as well as how to manage your productivity and attention. I’ll give you a ten year head start on how to build or change your current environment.

Alternatively this is a talk about feature creep.