1st Talk

The Bits Between The Camera And The Screen


Alex Shelley (@_shell_e)


Having substituted the maroon trousers, Apple gear and hipster mindset associated with the media circus, with a classified dresscode, terminal and mindset of the financial sector over a year ago. Alex has decided to don the maroon trousers one last time and provide a ground-up insight of how television broadcasting technology works - What those coloured bars are all about and how moving pictures are created and distributed around the World presented to multi-platform devices.

Interesting Warm-up Fact: The Dodd-Frank Act is NOT a fantasy 70s comedy duo - Rather a Wall Street Financial Services reform act introduced in 2010 - Ooh I say!

2nd Talk

A bunch of random and often time loud ramblings from a Defcon 24 speaker and black badge holder.


Bigezy (@bigezy_)

Mr C.


Taking the time to say hello to the crowd and rant a bit about the speaking experience I had at Defcon this year. I will also be able to say a few things I couldn’t when I was on stage about the Pinworm tool for metadata man in the middle I released at Defcon this year. Also, I was in attendance at the June DC 4420 meeting and I met a dude that runs 4400 machines that render special effects for a bunch of movies you might have heard of. Should be good times and we will finish the stories upstairs.

About bigezy

Bigezy is a critical infrastructure defender and has spoken at many conferences including Blackhat, Defcon, Troopers, Hackito, H2HC, and many others. He also hold a defcon black badge from Defcon 11 for wardriving. During Defcon 24 he released Pinworm a tool for man in the middle of social media metadata and also released a different toolset CyPSA for cyber physical impact analysis at BsidesLV. Between those two releases bigezy somehow found the time to captain the victorious Hacker Jeopardy team “We fucked it up!” 11 beers drank during the final round.

Mr. C

Mr. C. met bigezy after the DC 4420 meeting upstairs in the Phoenix at June. His relationship started by challenging Bigezy to drink a strong Belgian beer and walk out the door. Mr C works in the special effects industry and is responsible for the administration of over 4400 cores that render special effects for many awesome movies. He has a few great stories to tell and he wanted to come and say hello as he felt especially welcomed by the DC 4420 community last June in the Phoenix.