1st Talk

Sea of Holes: the Investigatory Powers Bill


Wendy M. Grossman (@wendyg)


Briefing on the UK government’s Investigatory Powers Bill currently going through parliament.

A summary of this talk appears on the Pelican Crossing blog: http://www.pelicancrossing.net/netwars/2016/07/legislating_the_sea_of_holes.html

2nd Talk

What’s in your pocket?


Henri Watson (@henriwatson)


Although we’re starting to see computers built into lightbulbs and refrigerators, we’ve been quietly surrounded by smaller computers all along. SIM cards, modern passports, student cards, transit cards, and access cards contain microprocessors featuring limited storage and cryptographic abilities. This talk explores what data smartcards store and how they protect the stored data.


Born in California and raised in the Dominican Republic, Henri is a student at Abertay University and will be the Ethical Hacking society’s secretary for the 2016-2017 academic year.