1st Talk

Defcon 23, etc or CCCamp retrospective - Part 2


Chris Sumner (@TheSuggmeister), Thomas Fischer (@FVT)


As usual, we’re asking attendees of DefCon 23, BSides Las Vegas, Blackhat or CCCamp this month to describe their favourite workshops, talks or other activities they got up to. This will take the form of a series of speakers, for various lengths of time.

More speakers are welcome (we have a projector with HDMI & VGA inputs if you want to show slides) - please drop a message to talks@dc4420.org so we can provide a line-up.

2nd Talk

A brief introduction to fuzzing using american fuzzy lop


Hugh Davenport


Fuzzing is the art of applying random data in the hopes of finding inputs to programs that cause unexpected behaviours. Traditionally, this has taken a deterministic approach which is akin to something to do with monkeys, typewriters, and Shakespear. Enter american fuzzy lop (afl), not just a weird looking bunny, but actually a new generation fuzzer from Google that takes into account code coverage.

This talk will give a brief overview of afl-fuzz, show off its features, and gives an example of things it has found (and are public) in PHP.