1st Talk

Pwning android via nfc/bluetooth


Adam Laurie, Aperture Labs Ltd (@rfidiot)


I’ve just been given the go-ahead by ZDI/Google to spill the beans on the pwn2own (joint) winning entry in Tokyo last November, in which I pwned Android via NFC & Bluetooth…

I’m not going to give too much away before the event, but suffice it to say I pwned Android hard, and he/she/it loved it :) - I will do a live demo, and it will make you install that system update you’ve been resisting for weeks (if not, don’t forget to come and see me after the show so I can follow you at a discreet distance for a few minutes…).

This was my first entry in pwn2own (or any such competition for that matter), so I’ll talk not only about the hack itself, but also the whole concept of bounties and competitions. I hope this will spark some debate and to turn this into a lively discussion, so if you have a strong opinion on the subject, please come along!

Oh, and bring your Android phone…

2nd Talk

An expression of elegance, base 3 math


Stuart Ward


We will explore a forgotten alternative to binary, called balanced ternery. How the maths works and some of the neat things it does.