1st Speaker

Tom Keetch (@tkeetch)


Tom Keetch works as a Security Researcher for BlackBerry and has been working to secure the NFC implementation in the BB10 OS. He is also involved in other aspects of mobile device security including the QNX OS, secure-boot, ARM TrustZone, the web browserand BBM and sandboxing.


NFC - the non-radio bits


When we talk about NFC, often people think of the short-range radio protocol and RFID. But that’s only a small part of the picture. Smart cards play an important role in NFC and this presentation will focus on how NFC standards build on and extend smart card security concepts to enable applications like contactless mobile payments.

Slides are here:


Planned 2nd speaker was ill, and his talk was postponed until July.

We had an improvised second talk instead.

2nd Speakers

Adam Laurie, Aperature Labs (@rfidiot)

Tony Naggs (@xa329)


Update on the RFIDler LF, a Software Defined RFID Reader/Writer/Emulator


The first Beta RFIDlers ordered through KickStarter have shipped.

The source code and schematics are open for non-commercial use -